Thursday, January 15, 2009

One year ago...

I received a thin cardboard envelope in the mail, with the news that I had been selected as one of the Free Spirits 2008.

I set up a facebook group about three hours later.

Today, I got a message from the male Free Spirit from Delaware, asking about the conference. I can no longer remember the whole trip, but so much came rushing back. Crosswords on bus 2, WWII monument in the rain, Betty Baye- "In the dark, he looks like Denzel Washington, turn the light on and he's Flava Flav!", Matt Rist- "I look like Denzel Washington in the dark.", shaking Tim Russert's hand, the Gala, dancing on the boat until the lights downstairs flickered, "Giant Panda", ME Katie and I putting the green team ahead, only to lose every round after, accents, and finally realizing that I was so over high school.

A lot has changed in a year, but the Free Spirit conference cemented one thing in my head: Free Spirits will change the world.


Kelley Bruce Robinson said...

Ugh that's kind of heartbreaking. They've chosen our replacements.

Anonymous said...

We are no longer the latest Free Spiriters. It really is sad.

Elaine Washam: said...

It is really sad. But a cool thing for me is that my successor at my old high school paper is a free spirit this year. I'm excited for him.

Adrianna said...

Awww I love this!! I miss it so so much. We will forever be the best free spirits around. I'll fight anyone who argues.

So many memories, so much love. I will never forget.

I really want to know who the Arizona recipients are!