Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting back

The new semester technically does not start until tomorrow, but I'm already exhausted.

I returned to campus on Wednesday, and hung out with Greg and worked on the Observer. It wasn't until last night I realized how much I missed doing layout. Maybe I should revise my career goals.

I went into the office at eight, spent about a half-hour getting my stuff together and another half-hour working with my photos, then marathon laid out the news section. I was done before midnight, and was pretty satisfied with the results. Sarah, my EIC, said she liked them too.

The hardest part of my position so far was having to make an entire page from scratch when some of the writers didn't produce, in 12 hours. The second hardest was, after deciding that the page will be about Gaza and the protests around the world, summarizing the conflict into three paragraphs, especially after not being exactly up-to-date on what was happening. Hooray research!

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