Saturday, January 24, 2009

First week, or, I am so tired.

First week update.

Tuesday was majorly eventful. Classes started, I met the best Professor ever, and I started work again. Oh yeah, and a new President.

My schedule this semester includes:
English 102
Intro to Comparative Politics
America and the World
Cultural History of the NYPD
and Intro to Digital Photo.

I went to one of each of these classes, before deciding that I hate the TA teaching Intro to Comp Politics. He assigned us three textbooks, which would cost me nearly $300 used. He also told us about some major assignments we would have to do, and he had the most boring voice.

Now, my America and the World professor, on the other hand, is quite possibly already in my top five favorite teachers ever. She's technically a Dr of Political Science, she obviously is passionate about it, and she's funny. And she gave me a special permission code, so I'm switching into her Intro to Poli class. I attended one of her classes later in the week, and it was filled with students who were older and knew their way around the department.

It turns out that I had met my English professor before, when I interviewed his wife for a story on student ambassadors from Syria. He seems okay as a teacher so far, but mandatory freshman writing is boring, so I hope he'll try to make it more interesting than last semester.

Cultural History of the NYPD is already shaping up to be the WTF course of the year. Though there have been a few books written about the NYPD, there are no textbooks, so the professor made two of them from hundreds of articles he wrote and found. The problem: instead of putting them online, he gets them bound by a copy shop. $130 for them. But he makes up for it by teaching a very interesting class. Later this year he will do a walking tour of NYC, pointing out places of violence, riots, and other things of interest to a police department.

Finally, Intro to Digital Photo. This class will be very little "How to use your camera" and very much "How to make pictures look better in Photoshop. Of course, this is cool with me. I know how to do a little in Photoshop already, mostly from messing around at newspaper and from playing with and Gimp.

Oh yeah, and I started working again, 16+ hours a week. And newspaper. And I attended an RA interest meeting. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

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